The Japanese Standard Warehouse Service

Warehouse by Yamato Unyu (Thailand) started out in 2010 with the goal of offering the high Japanese standard Inventory Management Service and Fulfillment Service (Y-LIS). The service also aims at providing customers with great convenience for all kinds of businesses ranging from Japanese ventures in Thailand, trading business, retail business, to E-Commerce business.

Our warehouses are located in Ladkrabang and Bangna with an approximate area of over 5,300 square meters, both have essential amenities including temperature control systems, humidity control systems, and excellent security systems.

Furthermore, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) prioritizes great convenience for customers by providing a variety of customized services according to customer’s requirements. For instance, customers are able to select their own warehouse while having online access to the storage history.

With the high Japanese standard of our Inventory Management Service, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) ensures that customers can rely on our professional services best provided.


Bangna Warehouse

  • A storage area of 2,640 square meters in total
  • 1,080 selective pallet racks, each of which can take up to one ton
  • A maximum chargeable weight of 5 tons/square meter for one pallet rack
  • A storage area with temperature control systems of 300 square meters


Ladkrabang Warehouse

  • A storage area of 2,706 square meters in total
  • 1,377 selective pallet racks, each of which can take up to one ton
  • A maximum chargeable weight of 3 tons/square meter for one pallet rack
  • A storage area with temperature control systems of 236 square meters

The Warehouse Service by Yamato Unyu (Thailand)

1. Warehouse & Distribution

  • Cover the entire process from managing orders to delivering to customers or retail sellers in the destination.
  • Support all kinds of businesses and constantly customize to customers’ requirements for the best logistics solution.
  • Reduce costs and develop the logistics system to keep up with customers’ requirements and trends.


2. Inbound Logistics and Outbound Logistics Service

  • Interface the inventory management services between customers and Yamato Unyu (Thailand)
  • Create a packing list
  • Pick up products at a designated location
  • Inspect a barcode or QR code on the products
  • Deliver the products to a packing station for the packaging process
  • Deliver the package to the delivery area for further transportation to the destination



3. Value-Added Services (VAS)

  • Provide stock control management
  • Provide the inventory management service
  • Provide the E-commerce warehouse service
  • Provide the pick & pack service
  • Provide the fulfillment service
  • Provide the labeling service
  • Provide the shipping mark service
  • Provide the tax invoice and receipt issuance service at the warehouse
  • Provide the Value-Added Service (VAS)
  • Provide a dedicated storage area for certain products like supplements and foods

Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s an outstanding online tracking system that meets the customers’ requirement

What makes our Warehouse Service special is the constant updates to prioritize customers’ requirements. Our storage systems can be customized with the in-house developed program that comes with our consultants to optimize your inventory performance. 

Our inventory management software is another feature providing convenience to track the stock through an online platform and monitor the inbound-outbound history.

For Special care products including medicines and health supplements, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) can support you to provide advice as well as preparing documentation for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and supervising products with expiry dates by means of LIFO (Last-In, First-Out).

Yamato Unyu’s in-house development team in Japan also comes up with “Y-LIS (Yamato Thai: Logistics Solution): Fulfillment Service”, a program that oversees and manages the entire warehouse’s inventory management system, ranging from making a record of warehouse activities, tracking the E-commerce service, managing online orders and logistics, to ensuring security.


the heart of Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s warehouse management program

Y-LIS (Yamato Thai: Logistics Solution): Fulfillment Service is the warehouse management system of Yamato Unyu (Thailand) that syncs and manages warehousing activities providing efficiency and effectiveness in inventory management.

The following are various systems that complete the Y-LIS program:


WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Records the information and all inbound-outbound activities of the warehouse, WMS can also notify customers of the expiry date and the storage period. Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s in-house team also creates an online platform where customers can get access to the storage status that helps them set up sale promotions easily.


OMS (Order Management System)

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) develops OMS to simplify your E-Commerce management and connect all your products across our warehouses. This system also connects the inventory system’s data to the E-commerce online platform. OMS provides convenience for order tracking process, commerce history recording, and inbound-outbound monitoring process.


TMS (Transportation Management System)

TMS facilitates you with the vehicle tracking system to monitor vehicle journeys and a daily number of vehicles available for delivery, product types, driver information, and delivery schedules. 


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Using radio frequency wave, RFID helps warehouse management identify a tagged product. It eliminates human error and provides operational efficiency with real-time tracking for warehouse workers.


ONE-STOP Service provider

ONE-STOP service is an integrated service consisting of “picking, packing, shipping”. At first, our workers will pick up your products from the designated area; an office, a company, a factory, a pier, etc.—and store them at the warehouse. If required, you can drop off your products at our warehouses by yourself. The ONE-STOP service is created to support E-Commerce with prompt and accurate logistics solutions.

How to get the Warehouse Service
from Yamato Unyu (Thailand)

1. Contact for consultation

You can contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) and give the product details for using the warehousing service such as type, size, and stock amount. Then, our consultants will assist you to estimate space size, storage types, management solutions, and the ideal service for you. This step is free of charge.

2. Get a price estimate and a quotation

After receiving product details, we will calculate an appropriate size of the storage space and issue a quotation to you.

3. Store your products at our warehouse

We will proceed by picking up your products at the designated places, storing at our warehouse regarding the suitable location, and managing them within the agreed terms and conditions by using Y-LIS (Yamato Thai: Logistics Solution): Fulfillment Service.

Prohibited Items

  • Chemicals
  • Weapons
  • Illegal items
  • Dangerous Goods

Warehouse Management System & Security Policies

  • 24-hour CCTV installed both inside and outside of the warehouse
  • Well-Trained Security Guards with ISO certificate 9001:2015
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Limited areas for high-valued items
  • Japanese-Standard Insurance



  • Telephone: 02 068 6828 (Ext. 9101 / 1505 for Japanese speaker)
  • Working hours: Monday - Friday 08:30-17:30 / Saturday at 08:30-12:00 (Closed on Sunday and holidays)
  • Facebook: Yamato Unyu - Thailand



Warehouse & Transport Services of Yamato Unyu

  • Multimodal Transportation Service
  • Intermodal Transportation Service
  • Free Trade Zone Warehouse in Thailand
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Warehousing service

Location and Map of Warehouse

Unavailable Services

  • Warehousing of dangerous goods
  • Bonded warehouse service



Weekday 08.30 - 17.30 / Saturday 08.30 - 12.00

Closed on sunday and public holidays.