All-Round Japanese Standard Packing Services

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) provides packing services for every type of transportation by a team of packing and logistics experts under the Japanese standard. We are well equipped with various materials for packing services, such as cardboard boxes, wooden crates, and wooden pallets that help strengthen and protect the products from damage during transportation.

Now, we have a professional team who went through a variety of training programs (experiences) to build up their skills including assembling cardboard boxes and wood crates, packaging, designing packaging, moving packages, and moving large-size products.

Moreover, we pay close attention to using strong high-quality materials that are suitable for each product and always give the first priority to the product safety.

If you are looking for packing services by the experts, you can trust Yamato Unyu (Thailand) who can provide convenience for every process to protect your products in good form all through the transportation.

Make Packing Simple for All Types of Transportation by the All-Round Services from Yamato Unyu (Thailand)

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) launched the packing services on August 1, 2009, operated alongside the services of house moving, warehouse, and domestic transportation—all of which include the steps of picking, packing, and shipping. Furthermore, our services are available for all types of transportation, including land freight, sea freight and air freight.

Highlights of Packing Services from Yamato Unyu (Thailand)

1. Japanese Standard

We pay close attention to every step of the packing process, including choosing high-quality materials to produce crates and pallets. Customers can rest assured that our wooden crates are strong and able to support heavy weights. In addition, our staff is well trained to meet the standard of Japanese industry as well.

2. Customized Product Design

In case of a product with a unique shape or large size, which requires a special size crate or pallet, our staff is able to design a suitable packaging for every type of product. Also, we can custom-make a wooden packaging to fit whatever shape your product has. (We can also customize a wooden packaging to fit any product’s dimension.)

3. On-Site Evaluation (and Survey)

Our staff is delighted to provide a product evaluation at your assigned location without any fees, to evaluate all aspects of the packing process, from materials and sizes to the transportation approach and the vehicle type.

Types of Packing Services

There are two types of Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s Packing Services as follows.

1. Packing for Domestic Transportation

For Domestic Transportation, our staff will visit the location informed by the customer. We also provide a suitable vehicle for the further transportation and arrange the loading service, in which the packaged products are lashed tightly for safety. When reaching the destination, the products will be unpacked and unloaded by us as well.

2. Packing for International Transportation

For International Transportation, we can provide the full service just like our domestic transportation service. We can connect customers to our worldwide partners in order to carry on the transportation to the destination safely even though the package has to undergo various transportation modes.

Types of Packaging

Wooden Crates / Wooden Cases


Wooden Pallets: 2-way and 4-way (depending on the product’s condition and placement)


Loading / Unloading


Packing / Unpacking






Installation / Uninstallation


Fumigation Service in compliance with IPPC license (Methyl Bromide)



Process of Packing Services

1. Evaluate the Product

Customers contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) to receive a consultation on the services, and our staff will visit your location to assist you to measure the product’s size and weight, and inquire your preferences. The product information will be used further to design the packaging and issue a quotation. No fees apply for this step.

2. Design the Packaging Structure

After the evaluation, we will inform you the size and weight of both the product and the packaging so that customers can create a packing list. Then, we will provide a proper wooden crate or pallet for the product. In case of the product with a special size, we will design a new packaging and also plan a transportation route and the suitable shipping vehicle.

3. Plan the Process

In case of mass shipping that requires multiple days to pack, we will estimate the duration required for packing and issuing a lead time document to keep you informed of the project progress.

4. Pack the Product

Our staff visits your designated location and starts to pack the products according to the given plan.

5. Issue a Document

In case of international transportation, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) also provides assistance for the documentation. You can inform us of your preferential documents, such as the IPPC (Methyl Bromide) certificate or a packing list. We are delighted to give a consultation and support the documentation for you.

Product Size

There is no limit to the product size eligible for our packing services.

In addition, we are delighted to design a wooden crate that fits the product with a special size or characteristics. Plus, we pay close attention to the environments around the packing area alongside the safety.

In case of any large-size products, you can contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) for consultation without any fees applied.

Duration of Packing Services Process

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) provides packing services at your convenient date and time. The duration for packing, however, depends on the number of projects and products as well as the difficulty level of the packing. We will send off our staff to evaluate in advance.

We highly recommend you make an appointment in advance.

  • General Packing: 3 days in advance
  • Special Packing: 1-2 weeks in advance (due to the equipment preparation)

Prohibited Items

  • Dangerous chemicals, such as volatile substances and inflammable materials
  • Uninsured high-valued objects


Yamato Unyu (Thailand) can provide an insurance plan to help you rest assured that your products are safely delivered. High-value items can also be insured. You can contact us for more information.

Fee for Packing Services

The fee for this service is calculated from the volume of products and the equipment for packing. You can contact us for more information.


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