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Yamato Unyu (Thailand), Japan’s No.1 logistic service company, is ready to provide Domestic Transportation Service with a team of professionals whose years of experience have been long trusted. The logistic management and development within our organization can assure high efficiency of transportation across Thailand.

We are ready to provide B2B (Business to Business) clients with our Domestic Transportation Service that includes bulk shipments as well as consultation and logistics solution design that are suitable for every type of business. Moreover, we also have a wide range of vehicles and partners that can help carry out every step in the transportation process in order to facilitate our clients.

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is currently providing various types of the Domestic Transportation Service, such as Door-to-Door, Full Truckload (FTL), Consolidation, and Milk Run. Furthermore, we are able to offer a pick-up service from your designated location—be it a factory or a distribution center—so that you do not have to bring your shipment to Yamato Unyu (Thailand) by yourself.

In addition, we are delighted to customize the service according to your preference for the best logistics solution. Here are the highlights and details of our Domestic Transportation Service.

Highlights of Domestic Transportation Service by Yamato Unyu (Thailand)

  • Offers a design route service and consultation on logistics solutions in order to maximize the efficiency of the shipment and also best accommodate the customers.
  • Managed by the YTDM system that keeps track of the vehicle, shipping route, the delivery schedule, and the on-time shipment status report.
  • Uses a wide range of the transport vehicle, which is able to serve various types of logistics and customer’s preferences.
  • Delivers a Mixed Loads service for automotive parts transport from the manufacturers to the individual client.
  • Provides Consolidation Service, Milk Run Service, and Document Return Service.
  • Offers an insurance plan for transport vehicles and domestic transportation.

Eligible Service Areas

Domestic Transportation Service by Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is eligible for delivering parcels across Thailand. We have various partners specialized in logistics coordination in every province. You can make sure that your parcel will be delivered safely to the destination.

Types of Domestic Transportation Service

1. Door-to-Door Service

It is aimed at providing an all-round service, from picking up the parcels from the starting point, packing, to documentation. Customers can also opt for additional services, and then we will deliver parcels to the informed destination.

2. Charter Service

It is a service ideal for business owners who prefer a large quantity of freight or fast delivery. The charter service only provides one vehicle per destination, the delivery contains the parcels belonging to only one client and will not make any stops along the shipping route.

3. Consolidation Service

It is a service ideal for a small quantity of freight or cost-effective delivery. Customers who opt for consolidation service will have their parcel transported together with other clients’ belongings. We will plan the delivery route that saves time for everyone.


4. Milk Run Service

It is a service ideal for the regular clients who have the usual shipping route or the fixed delivery schedule. Milk Run can also deliver parcels from one client to many destinations by one vehicle, or receive from various suppliers or manufacturers and then send to one destination.

Process of the Domestic Transportation Service

1. Contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand)

Contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) to inform you of the quantity and size of your parcel. We will provide a consultation on the vehicle type ideal for the transportation. No fee is applied in this step.

2. Make an appointment for the pick-up process.

Once the service is approved, our staff will contact you to make an appointment for the pick-up process. Then, we will make a parcel checklist, ask for any additional services for the transportation, and then provide a quotation.
Note: You can choose to do the self-packing, or opt for Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s packing service (with a fee applied).

3. Confirm the date of shipment

We will confirm the date of shipment and book a vehicle for the pickup at the informed location.

4. Parcel has arrived

When the parcel has arrived at the destination, our staff members will ask a receiver for a signature and bring back the signed document to the client at the starting point.

Types of vehicles for the Domestic Transportation Service

1. Van




3. 4-Wheel Jumbo Trucks

4. 6-Wheel Trucks




  • We can provide a temperature-controlled vehicle at temperatures between 0 to 25 Celsius degrees (suitable for temperature-controlled products).

  • Customers are welcome to contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) to inform the parcel size and receive a consultation on the vehicle type ideal for the delivery and distance.

Duration of the domestic transportation

The duration of the domestic transportation is approximately 1-3 days. We kindly suggest you contact us in advance.

  • 4-Wheelers : Contact one day in advance
  • 6-Wheelers : Contact 1-2 days in advance

Prohibited Items

  • Chemicals
  • Illegal items
  • Dangerous goods

Additional Services for the Domestic Transportation Service

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) can provide additional services that complement the domestic transportation process with full service. The following are our additional services:

  • Warehouse
  • Packing
  • House Moving
  • Cross Border

Parcel Insurance

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) can provide an insurance plan to protect your parcels during domestic transportation. The plans are available for every type of transportation and parcels. We can recommend an insurance plan for high-value parcels as an additional service.

Fee for the Domestic Transportation Service

The fee for the domestic transportation service is calculated from the weight and the size of the parcel, including the distance and also the vehicle type. You can contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) for more information.


  • Telephone : 02 026 6828 (Ext. 9101 for Sales Domestic Department, or 1505 for Japanese [Khun Nataporn])
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