KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN highlights the parcel delivery service from Thailand to Japan that aims at facilitating customers with speedy assistance. In Japanese, KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN (国際宅急便) literally means an ‘urgent door-to-door international parcel delivery service’ as in “kokusai” refers to “international”, “taku” to “home”, “kyuu” to “speedy”, and “bin” to “transport”.

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is delighted to provide a speedy service regardless of the sorts of items ranging from personal belongings, presents, golf sets, documents, letters, to many more. We are committed to taking great care of your items.


The KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN service is widely recognized as Japan’s No.1 parcel delivery service with nationwide operating centers. This service was first launched on January 20, 1976, and now Yamato Unyu has gained a plethora of experience in delivery service alongside countless experts for over 40 years.

In Thailand, KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN was jump-started by Yamato Unyu (Thailand), and we are more than ready to provide the best parcel delivery service with the aim of facilitating customers.

Benefits of parcel delivery to Japan with KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN

The following is what makes KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN special:

  • Delivery with speedy service
    KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN is an urgent parcel delivery service for personal belongings that takes only 7-10 days.
  • All-round door-to-door service We provide consultation and great care professionally at every step, as well as the door-to-door service.
  • Operating centers available nationwide Yamato Unyu has operating branches in every region of Japan. Customers are guaranteed that their parcels will be delivered to any of the destinations in the country.
  • Easy to track down Customers are provided with a tracking ID that allows them to keep track of their parcels.
  • Years of trustworthy serviceKOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN by Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is Japan’s parcel delivery service widely regarded by Japan for years according to our great safety-care management and on duty assistance in case of any incidents.
  • No inconvenience regarding communication We are equipped and serve customers with proficient Japanese and Thai staffers who can communicate in Japanese and English, which facilitates customers in Thailand without worry about the language barrier.
  • Availability of insurance KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN by Yamato Unyu (Thailand) ensures the safety of your parcels with the availability of insurance. For KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN service, the insurance fee is less than 300,000 yen per parcel.


1-10 kg
1 kg 2,200 thb 1,000 thb
2 kg 2,420 thb 1,000 thb
3 kg 2,640 thb 1,200 thb
4 kg 2,860 thb 1,400 thb
5 kg 3,080 thb 1,600 thb
6 kg 3,300 thb 1,800 thb
7 kg 3,520 thb 2,000 thb
8 kg 3,740 thb 2,200 thb
9 kg 3,960 thb 2,400 thb
10 kg 4,180 thb 2,600 thb
11-20 kg
11 kg 4,400 thb 2,800 thb
12 kg 4,620 thb 3,000 thb
13 kg 4,840 thb 3,200 thb
14 kg 5,060 thb 3,400 thb
15 kg 5,280 thb 3,600 thb
16 kg 5,500 thb 3,800 thb
17 kg 5,720 thb 4,000 thb
18 kg 5,940 thb 4,200 thb
19 kg 6,160 thb 4,400 thb
20 kg 6,380 thb 4,600 thb
21-25 kg
21 kg 6,600 thb 4,800 thb
22 kg 6,820 thb 5,000 thb
23 kg 7,040 thb 5,200 thb
24 kg 7,260 thb 5,400 thb
25 kg 7,480 thb 5,600 thb


Additional charge Price Unit remark
Pick Up 200 THB Box BKK area
Pick Up 500 THB Box Nearby BKK area
Package, Box 50 thb Box
Packing 200 thb box
Golf BOX 1,000 THB Box Oversize Charge
Duty and Any Tax in Japan At Cost Storage, Disposal and Inspection Fee in case of inspection

Total Amount of Invoice : Maximum 300,000 Yen / Shipment

The process of parcel delivery to Japan with KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN

1. Contact for information

Firstly, contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) directly for the KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN service. We will provide consultation about the service details in order to estimate the eligibility of shipping.

2. Start the picking process

After going through the eligibility of your personal belongings, we will send off our staffers to pick them up—or you can also drop them off at Yamato Unyu (Thailand) office by yourself. Our staffers will assist you with measuring the size of the packaging and also provide advice on other relevant services.
If you prefer Yamato Unyu (Thailand) to pick up parcels from your residence, a fee is applied:

  • Bangkok: 200 baht per parcel
  • Other provinces (nearby Bangkok): 200-500 baht per parcel
  • It is noteworthy that you can choose to pack your own possessions, or have Yamato Unyu (Thailand) manage it with a fee priced at 50 baht per parcel.

    3. Proceed with documentation and item checking

    After receiving your parcels, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) will proceed with documentation and checking the items in the parcels. You are required to inform their contacts, including name, address, and phone number, of both the shipper and the consignee.

    4. Deliver your parcels to Japan

    Following the documentation and item checking steps, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) will book a flight for the delivery to Japan. If you can drop off your parcels within 10 am, the company is able to carry on the delivery within that day—or we can complete this step within the next day. The delivery can take about 7-10 days.

    5. Deliver your parcels to your destination

    When your parcels arrive in Japan and go through customs successfully, the Yamato Unyu office in Japan will be responsible for delivering to the address you have provided. Please rest assured that your parcels are being taken care of and delivered to the destination rapidly.

    The packaging of the KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN service

    KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN can offer a variety of packaging to keep your parcels safe and free of damage until they arrive at the destination, as well as to maximize the convenience of shipping things to Japan.

    However, the KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN service has certain obligations for the parcel size and items eligible for the delivery.

    The size of a parcel delivered via the KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN service has to follow these conditions:

    • The parcel size (calculated with width + length + height) cannot exceed 160 cm (more fees applied if more than 160 cm).
    • The total weight cannot exceed 25 kg/parcel (more fees applied if more than 25 kg).


    Prohibited items

    • Liquor: Japanese sake, whisky, beer, sprits, cooking sake (Ryorishu), rice wine for cooking (mirin), etc.
    • Items that require temperature management: Perishables, fresh food, unbaked sweets, etc.
    • Meat products: Instant noodles containing meat, pre-packaged (ready-to-eat) curry containing meat, meat simmered in soy sauce, meat extract, etc.
    • Non-processed beans: Soy beans, sweet red beans (Miso and soy sauce are processed bean products and can be sent as long as there are no restrictions at the destination country.)
    • Health food: Supplements, vitamin pills, etc.
    • Uncooked rice: Pre-packaged (ready-to-eat) rice can be sent. However, restrictions may exist in some countries.
    • Dairy products: Milk, cheese, milk powder, yogurt, etc.
    • Food products which may be prohibited by the Plant Protection Act: Flour, coffee beans, etc.
    • Cut flowers: Traditional Japanese flower decorations, Shimenawa (sacred straw ropes), preserved flowers, etc.
    • Seeds and dirt: Bonsai plants, etc.
    • Animals: Live animals, fish, insects, etc.
    • Fur: Rabbit fur, fox fur, etc.
    • Items prohibited by the Washington Convention: Ivory, turtle shells, ostrich, leather products, aloe, etc. (When sending cosmetics, it is necessary to attach a list of ingredients to prove that the cosmetics do not contain aloe or other substances which violate the Washington Convention.)
    • Items which cause issues inside aircraft: For more information, please check "Dangerous and Prohibited Items (TA-Q-BIN)." (When sending cosmetics, it is necessary to attach an MSDS to prove that the cosmetics do not contain ingredients which will cause issues inside aircraft.
    • Lithium batteries: Computers, wristwatches, portable game consoles, portable music players, electric rice cookers, digital cameras, thermometers, video cameras, etc. *Items which use lithium batteries cannot be accepted even if batteries have been removed.)
    • Merchandise containing dry cell batteries: Toys, flashlights, chargers, etc. (Items which use dry batteries cannot be accepted even if batteries have been removed.)
    • Knives: Scissors, kitchen knives, utility knives, saws, etc.
    • Gas springs: Shock absorbers, cylinders, suspension products (hydraulic, pneumatic), etc.
    • Deleterious substances/poison: Sodium cyanide, chloroform, sodium fluoroacetate, etc.
    • Narcotics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices: Including over-the-counter medicines such as cold medicine, eyeglasses, sunglasses, etc.
    • Cosmetics: C to C, or B to C only. 1 item Maximum quantity is 24/per 1 shipment.
    • Other financial securities: Cash, checks, stocks, BLs (bill of lading) and credit cards
    • Items that cannot be reissued: Passports and driver's licenses
    • Parcels shipped separately by tourists: Cargo related to moving house
    • Weapons: Firearms and swords (including imitations)
    • Precious metal: Precious stones, jewelry, currency of each country, and other precious items
    • Art works: Antiques, items that are difficult to be appraised
    • Cigarettes (including e-cigarettes)
    • Pornographic material
    • Articles for ships and airplanes: Correspondence (according to Article 4 of the Postal Act)
    • Cosmetics: 1 item Maximum 24 pieces (if you want to send 3 brand's Lipsticks, it should be under 24 lipsticks)
    • Topical preparations (Excluding poisonous drugs, powerful drugs, and prescription drugs.): 1 standard size, no more than 24
    • Topical Dermal preparations: Ointment, eye drops, etc.

    How to pay for the KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN service

    You can pay for the KOKUSAI TA-Q-BIN service by cash, transfer, or credit cards. Furthermore, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) offers three ways of paying for the parcel delivery service.

    1. All prepaid

    The shipper is responsible for all the fees: the pick-up fee, the packing fee, the delivery fee, and taxes.


    2. Freight prepaid

    The shipper is responsible for the pick-up fee, the packing fee, and the delivery fee, whereas the consignee pays taxes.


    3. All Collect (cash on delivery)

    The consignee is responsible for all the fees: the pick-up fee, the packing fee, the delivery fee, and taxes (only cash accepted).


    • Telephone: 02 026 6828 (Ext. 9103)
    • Working hours: Monday-Saturday at 08:30-17:30 (Closed on Sunday and public holidays)
    • Facebook: Yamato Unyu - Thailand



    Send parcel from Thailand to Japan by air

    Which routes do Yamato Unyu provide Air Express services and how long does it take?

    • We provide air express services only between Thailand and Japan taking 7-10 days starting from the origin to the destination.

    What you need to prepare for quoting the parcel and luggage delivery to Japan?
    1. Shipper's name, phone number of shipper in Thailand, address, email and type (Individual or Corporate)
    2. Parcel details: weights of each parcel, parcel type, quantity. If the goods are restricted, please prepare the licence for the goods.
    3. Receiver’s Full name, address
    4. Payment in Thailand or Japan
    5. Purpose of Shipping: Commercial or Personal

    Where do we provide pickup service?
    The provinces under our pickup services are Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Chonburi, Chachoengsao and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

    Prohibited items are not eligible for export.

    Popular items

    • Electronic devices or home appliances can be delivered, and the battery must be removable and classified as danger good.
    • Used or second-hand products can be delivered, but are exempt from claimable.
    • Cosmetics can be sent only to individuals with a maximum of 24 pieces per shipment.
    • Valuable items are not accepted to transport.

    Oversized items of exceeded 25 Kg.
    Please contact us for service information

    Track Yamato Unyu's Status of Shipment and Packages

    Needed Information for Shipping

    • The receipt and sender information with full name, address, phone number, and details of shipping parcels are needed to be written in the document of the invoice and packing list.
    • We will process customs clearance and check the parcel list.

    Yamato Unyu Shipment Insurance

    • Products are insured for not more than 300,000 yen per box.

    Packing Service Available
    We provide packing service if you purchase our box and use Ta-Q-Bin service. The box rate depends on the size.

    Able to deliver food and process food delivery to Japan with license?
    Ta-Q-Bin service will not be able to deliver goods with license needed.
    To ship goods with license needed, please contact sales international.
    Email: sale@yamatothai.com
    Phone: 02-026-6828 Ext. 1 (Sales International)

    Camera Film Delivery to Japan and Warranty Covered?
    Film can be delivered which it shall go through airport X-ray scanner according to its rule and security. We do not guarantee that the airport x-ray may cause damage to the film.

    What Goods are Taxed to Export for Parcel Delivery?
    The goods will be taxed at different rate depending on goods type which estimated by Japan custom.

    Able to deliver by Air within Thailand boundaries?
    Yamato Unyu (Thailand) does not provide air freight within Thailand, but we provide truck delivery in Thailand.

    Online purchase and Import to Thailand using Ta-Q-Bin service
    Please contact Yamato of that country
    Worldwide Network or www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/en/corp/corporate/worldwide_network.html

    Ship from japan to thailand using Ta-Q-Bin service
    Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is the receiving destination from Japan.
    If you want to ship from Japan, please contact Yamato Transport in Japan.

    Check rate and delivery time for delivery within Japan
    Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is the receiving destination from Japan.
    To check rate and delivery times of Yamato Transport in Japan, please contact Yamato Transport in Japan. Check below link www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/en/search/payment/


    Weekday 08.30 - 17.30 / Saturday 08.30 - 12.00

    Closed on sunday and public holidays.