Yamato Unyu (Thailand) has provided a long-established and trustworthy service of “Sea Freight” to every corner of the world. Sea Freight service is available for all sorts of shipments. With our worldwide branches and partners, your cargo can be shipped to every maritime route.

Our global sea transportation and freight forwarding service are based on the Non-Vessel Operating Carrier (NVOCC) provided reasonable price, various vessel schedule and routing, convenience for documentation between liner and customers such as Shipping Instruction (SI), Verified Gross Mass (VGM), Automatic Manifest System (AMS), Importer Security Filling (ISF) and custom clearance etc. NVOCC also comes with FCL-LCL service, full or partial vessel charters, dry and liquid bulk transportations, inbound and outbound shipments, customs clearance, insurance coverage, and a tracking service.

Furthermore, our sea freight is offered as a full service aimed at facilitating you from the starting point to the destination. We also provide the consultation to find the most ideal logistics solution for sea transportation while customizing the service according to your preference.

With our efficient service, shipping across the sea is no longer complicated for you.

“Full Service”, the heart of Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s Sea Freight service

Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s Sea Freight service highlights the provision of “full service”. Starting with facilitating the customers through all of the steps beginning with picking, packing and shipping safely to the destination. We emphasize the flexibility of the service, which allows you to customize according to your preference. Multiple types of containers are available to accommodate all sorts of businesses. We are delighted to give advice and work together.

Benefits of Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s Sea Freight service

Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s Sea Freight Service is special and trusted for over 30 years due to the following reasons.

Door-to-Door and Port-to-Port Services

With our Door-to-Door and Port-to-Port services, we transport your shipment from the starting point to the destination. Our services will relieve the complication of the process, such as logistics and complex workloads during the shipping process.

Additional Services

Apart from the full service, we provide many additional services for sea freight, such as packing, logistics consulting, customized services suited to the customer’s preference, logistics scheduling, documentation support between liner and customers such as Shipping Instruction (SI), Verified Gross Mass (VGM), Automatic Manifest System (AMS), Importer Security Filling (ISF) and customs clearance etc. All of these additional services are aimed at providing convenience and minimizing transit time.

Cost Efficiency

With the Non-Vessel Operating Carrier (NVOCC) provider, our Sea Freight service can provide a reasonable price. We also provide full-service consulting about the ideal logistics solution that helps remove any unnecessary costs in the shipping process.

Flexible Shipping Plan

With the focus on your preference, we are delighted to provide advice on the logistics scheduling and shipping routes from the Port of Loading to the Port of Discharge.

Simple Tracking Service

Our Sea Freight service comes with a real-time tracking system that allows instant access to check the shipment status.

Networks with Global Sea Carriers

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) has branches and partners globally. With the expansive networks, we are able to ensure a smooth process of sea freight.

Marine Cargo Insurance Service

If customers require additional coverage for Sea Freight service, we will recommend the insurance companies.

Types of the Sea Freight Service

Full Container Load (FCL) : A client books one container to transport their cargo regardless of volume inside.

  • Suitable for high-volume cargo that is likely to fill the container to full capacity
  • Suitable for the special cargo, such as dangerous goods (DG) or temperature-controlled cargo
  • Reaching the destination immediately after the customs clearance process is complete
  • Various container sizes are available: 20FT, 40FT, and 40’HC.
  • Various container types are available: dry, reefers, open top, and flat rack.


Less Than Container Load (LCL) : Multiple clients share the space of one container.

  • Suitable for low-volume shipment that can be shipped alongside different products of other clients within one container
  • Suitable for items that do not require special or temperature control
  • Cost-effective, has a longer transit time than FCL due to cut off at origin port, devanning (Unloading) cargo from a container at the destination port before starting import custom clearance.
  • Booking LCL space depending on the required container space and the size of the shipment (calculated with the revenue ton) or the weight of the shipment (calculated with the metric ton)


- Full and Partial Vessel Charters

- Dry and Liquid Bulk Shipping

- Import and Export Customs Clearance

- Marine Cargo Insurance

- Tracking Service

- Temperature-Controlled Logistics

- Transshipment and Transit Service

Process of “Sea Freight”

1. Customers contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand)

Customers contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) to provide shipment information regarding commodity type, size, type (general / special cargo), and specific details to receive the most suitable shipping method.

2. Yamato Unyu (Thailand) provides a quotation

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) provides a quotation along with a shipping plan with the most suitable method. Additional services are available, such as packing or documentation. Specific dates are required for the following steps: packing, loading, and delivering the shipment to the port.

3. Our staff picks up the shipments and delivers

On the selected date, our staff picks up the shipments and delivers them to a port of loading. For FCL, the container will be arranged at the place of receipt for loading and delivering to the port.

4. We will support the process of clearing customs on your behalf

At the port of origin, we will support the process of clearing customs on your behalf and deliver the shipments according to selected transportation modes. The LCL will deliver to the CFS Warehouse or the FCL will go direct to the sea port.

5. Deliver to its destination

When the shipment reaches the port of discharge and clears customs successfully, we will deliver to its destination safely.

Required Notice for the Sea Freight Service

Full Container Load (FCL) : Containers need to be reserved 1-2 weeks in advance before the loading date.

Less Container Load (LCL) : The space of a shipping container needs to be reserved 2-3 days in advance before the loading date.

Note : Customers should contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) in advance before the desired departure date to prepare the suitable containers, transportation modes, and documents. In any case, customers are required to prepare a packing list, an invoice, import/export license, and any additional required documents.

Transit Time

We are able to process your shipment to any main port or ones located near the destination. Therefore, the transit time depends on the shipping route and the distance between the port of loading and the port of discharge.

Routes within Asia could take approximately 1-2 weeks, excluding 3-5 days for unloading shipments from the containers.

Fee for Sea Freight

Full Container Load (FCL) : calculated from the size of the container, type of container, and port of discharge.

Less Container Load (LCL) : calculated from the required container space (calculated with the revenue ton for size or calculated with the metric ton for the weight)

Prohibited Items

  • Illegals drugs
  • Illegal items

Note : Dangerous goods are eligible for the Sea Freight service under the conditions of the sea freight forwarder or carrier.


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