Japanese standard relocation service

House Moving by Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is a relocation service for those aspiring to move into a new residence. The company offers the service for domestic and international house moving, especially moving houses to Japan, with boxes and packages provided for the movers right at the starting point. Yamato Unyu started out the Thailand outpost back in 1990 and has gained trust and experience in the field of relocation service for over 30 years. Now, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) has partnered with international ventures around the world.

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is delighted to offer the ‘house moving’ service for those planning to move into a new residence. This service is also available for all sizes of moving, whether it is small personal belongings or large house equipment. We always ensure our services are being carried out properly from the very first step in order to best facilitate the clients by means of the Door to Door approach. We will take care of you from the starting point to the destination to make sure that you do not have to waste any time with self-packing.

Make house moving very easy with ‘Full Service’

What makes our house moving special is the availability of Full Service. We simplify the process and facilitate you from the very initial steps like packing, transporting, delivering, documentation, unboxing, as well as installing and placing all belongings according to your preferences. Yamato Unyu (Thailand) guarantees the Full Service carried out by proficient staffers with years of experience and special techniques for the likes of packing that ensures that your belongings will not be damaged during the transportation.

Furthermore, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is well equipped and serves customers with Japanese employees and Thai who can also communicate in Japanese and English, so you do not have to worry about communication with the company.

The following are the thorough details on the ‘house moving’ service for those planning to move into a new residence and how it will facilitate you.

Eligible Service Areas: Thailand, Asia, Europe and USA

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) currently operates the house moving service domestically and internationally, with the main focus in Japan. Clients outside Japan can also use our service with the support of our partners around the world from USA, Europe and Asia.

If your destination is somewhere in Japan, our service is accessible to every region in the country because Yamato Unyu has operating branches nationwide. It is also noteworthy that moving from Japan to Thailand is also possible with our service.

We provide the moving to Thailand in any provinces.

Types of ‘house moving’

Domestic moving

  • Shipping within province: 1-2 days
  • Shipping across provinces: Depending on the distance and the number of belongings


International moving

  • Air Freight: 7-10 working days or approximately two weeks
  • Sea Freight: 40-50 working days or approximately two months

Process of ‘House Moving’

Set an appointment.

Firstly, contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) to set an appointment for the staff to visit your residence to estimate the number of belongings. We suggest you contact us one month in advance of your departure, but we also provide the service for urgent cases as well.

Visit for a price estimate.

Our staff will visit your residence to estimate the price according to the number of belongings and provide advice on whether you should opt for air freight or sea freight. In case of inconvenience, you can also send us images of your belongings to get a quote. No fee is applied during this step.

Get a quote.

After visiting your place for a price estimate, we will provide a quote for you.

Start moving.

You can always set up a date for us to start moving out your belongings. Plus, you can also ask for boxes to self-pack prior to our visit at your residence.

In this step, we will check the goods inside each package with special care for certain items. Next, we will keep them at our warehouses and book the vehicle according to selected transportation.

For international moving, we will advise you on certain documents to prepare.

Start shipping to an international destination.

After the documentation is complete, we will start shipping your belongings via your selected transportation—be it Air Freight or Sea Freight. Those who choose Sea Freight are welcome to choose if they want their belongings to be shipped together with those of other clients, or prefer to have their belongings shipped in a separate container (extra fees applied).

Go through customs.

When your belongings have reached the destination, our partner will support custom clearance for you. In case of any issues, we are able to provide support to you.

Transport your belongings to your new house.

After the process of customs is completed, the staff from Yamato Unyu in the destination will keep your belongings at the warehouse nearest to your address. Then, we will inform you to arrange for your convenient schedule to deliver them to the destination.

Please note that this relocation service is classified as “House Moving” requiring you to be present at the destination when your belongings have arrived there. This is because certain documents for shipping and other import taxes are different from normal international shipping.

Prohibited items

Each country has a different list of items prohibited from shipping internationally. Yamato Unyu, however, will provide a handbook where you can check what you can and cannot ship with us.

How to pack for house moving

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) has a wide range of packing methods for house moving, with each serving different protective purposes for different items. To ensure the best condition of your belongings, we provide boxes and containers of various sizes together with insurance.

For moving to Japan, the insurance fee starts at 3,000 yen (that protects your possessions worth up to 300,000 yen against damage and loss). For moving to other countries, please contact us for more information.

In case of oversized items, we also provide a container with an ample size to protect them from damage. Therefore, you can rest assured that our staff has experience with packing all sorts of items and also special skills to maximize the protection of your possessions regardless of the size.

Fee for house moving

Sea Freight : The fee depends on the size of your possession(s) calculated with the cubic meter (m3). 

Air Freight : The fee is calculated from the weight of the possession and the weight of the parcel (width x length x height / 6,000).

Other services for house moving

In addition to shipping your belongings for house moving, Yamato Unyu (Thailand) also offers other services, such as documentation and others as follows. 

  1. Document preparation for international shipping
  2. Preparation for other legal documents required by the international destination
  3. Customs clearance
  4. Safety and insurance


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