What are the strengths of Yamato?

  • Kuroneko Yamato provides the logistics solutions to 23 countries and regions around the world, mainly in Asia. We offer high-quality services cultivated in Japan to customers all over the world.
  • No. 1 Market share in parcel delivery with volume of 1.8 billion parcels (2020)
  • More than 200,000 global employees (2020)


What service does the Yamato Unyu (Thailand) Co.,LTD. provide?

Experiences and customers of Yamato Unyu

  • We provide the one stop service and customized services ranging from air freight, sea freight, domestic and international transport, warehouse and packing solution.
  • Our customers are ranging from Japanese ventures in Thailand and various businesses of trading, retail, to E-Commerce etc.


Yamato Unyu house moving services cover all around the world.

What is our house moving service?

  • We provide moving services for packing, carrying, storing, customs clearance, exporting, delivery, and product claims.

How long does it take for the parcel delivered domestically and internationally?

  • It depends on your delivery destination.
  • In Thailand, transport within a city takes 1-2 days, while moving across cities may vary depending on the distance and belongings amounts.
  • For international, shipping by air takes approximately 2 weeks, and a sea transport takes 2 months.

Prohibited items

  • In every country, the prohibited items are different. Therefore, we will provide you a handbook to check the prohibited items of each country.
    Note: we do not accept vehicles, machines and illegal drugs for house-moving services.

Product Warranties during Transportation (Lost or Damaged Parcel)

  • The transportation guarantee fee is 0.95% of the product value. The minimum fee starts at 3,000 yen (protection of items with a total value not exceeding 300,000 yen). Warranties cover damaged and lost products.

Payment Procedure (2 ways of payment methods)

  1. Only company bills are accepted. We will issue the invoice after the parcels reach their destination.
  2. The shipper pays the service, and we will collect the fees after measuring the parcel's size or weight. We accept cash, money transfer, and credit cards.

The Cost and Procedures Difference between self-packing and our staff's packing

  • The fee is no difference. If you pack yourself, you will know better where the items are in the various boxes.

Is it necessary for house survey first?

  • No, If there are few items.

What if the place of relocation is difficult to reach?

  • For the work plan, we should view your location.

If you are not convenient for the house inspection, what should you do?

  • Sending photos of the package so that staff can estimate transportation and service costs.

Furniture moving and assembly service

  • Our service includes disassembly and assembly of furniture, except for built-in, nailed or glued furniture joints.

During packing, what should you do? 

  • You should be present when packing to prevent anything from being misplaced and clarify whether special care items are involved.


Send parcel from Thailand to Japan by air

Which routes do Yamato Unyu provide Air Express services and how long does it take?

  • We provide air express services only between Thailand and Japan taking 7-10 days starting from the origin to the destination.

What you need to prepare for quoting the parcel and luggage delivery to Japan?
1. Shipper's name, phone number of shipper in Thailand, address, email and type (Individual or Corporate)
2. Parcel details: weights of each parcel, parcel type, quantity. If the goods are restricted, please prepare the licence for the goods.
3. Receiver’s Full name, address
4. Payment in Thailand or Japan
5. Purpose of Shipping: Commercial or Personal

Where do we provide pickup service?
The provinces under our pickup services are Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Chonburi, Chachoengsao and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Prohibited items are not eligible for export.

Popular items

  • Electronic devices or home appliances can be delivered, and the battery must be removable and classified as danger good.
  • Used or second-hand products can be delivered, but are exempt from claimable.
  • Cosmetics can be sent only to individuals with a maximum of 24 pieces per shipment.
  • Valuable items are not accepted to transport.

Oversized items of exceeded 25 Kg.
Please contact us for service information

Track Yamato Unyu's Status of Shipment and Packages

Needed Information for Shipping

  • The receipt and sender information with full name, address, phone number, and details of shipping parcels are needed to be written in the document of the invoice and packing list.
  • We will process customs clearance and check the parcel list.

Yamato Unyu Shipment Insurance

  • Products are insured for not more than 300,000 yen per box.

Packing Service Available
We provide packing service if you purchase our box and use Ta-Q-Bin service. The box rate depends on the size.

Able to deliver food and process food delivery to Japan with license?
Ta-Q-Bin service will not be able to deliver goods with license needed.
To ship goods with license needed, please contact sales international.
Phone: 02-026-6828 Ext. 1 (Sales International)

Camera Film Delivery to Japan and Warranty Covered?
Film can be delivered which it shall go through airport X-ray scanner according to its rule and security. We do not guarantee that the airport x-ray may cause damage to the film.

What Goods are Taxed to Export for Parcel Delivery?
The goods will be taxed at different rate depending on goods type which estimated by Japan custom.

Able to deliver by Air within Thailand boundaries?
Yamato Unyu (Thailand) does not provide air freight within Thailand, but we provide truck delivery in Thailand.

Online purchase and Import to Thailand using Ta-Q-Bin service
Please contact Yamato of that country
Worldwide Network or

Ship from japan to thailand using Ta-Q-Bin service
Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is the receiving destination from Japan.
If you want to ship from Japan, please contact Yamato Transport in Japan.

Check rate and delivery time for delivery within Japan
Yamato Unyu (Thailand) is the receiving destination from Japan.
To check rate and delivery times of Yamato Transport in Japan, please contact Yamato Transport in Japan. Check below link


Which countries do Yamato Unyu provide Cross-Border services?

  • We deliver to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Myanmar with services of Full Truckload (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) using Overland Total Logistic Services (OTL)

Prohibited and Danger Goods

  1. Prohibited Items: illegal drugs, weapons. Illegal items according to Thai Customs Regulations
  2. Dangerous Goods: exclusively banned from the LTL service, while they can be exempted from the FTL service
    Note: We do not accept the transport of Buddha Statues, artworks, antiquities and valuable goods.

Transport Lithium Batteries or Oversized cargo across borders / international countries

  • Please contact via telephone: 02-026-6828 ext. 9100

Documents required for transporting Dangerous Goods

  • Invoice Packing List and MSDS or Safety Data Sheet
  • Goods Details are as follows : DG Class, Packaging Condition, Thai labeling, Photos of the products before packaging, Photos of the package after packing
    Note: some goods need additional documents for examination of import-export. Dangerous goods need MSDS documents or Safety Data Sheet 

How long do shipments take from Thailand using Cross Border services (Indo-China)?

  • Myanmar (3-4 days), Malaysia (3-4 days), Laos (3-4 days), Singapore (3-5 days), Vietnam (2-3 days), Cambodia (2-3 days), China and Hong Kong (5-10 days)
  • Note: This depends on the product type and the distance, calculated from the first day at the pick-up point to the day when they arrive at the destination taking 3-7 days. We kindly suggest you to contact us at least 3-5 days before the exporting date.

Difference between FTL and LTL and the calculation method

  • Main difference between Full Truckload (FTL) and Less-than-Truckload (LTL) freight shipping mode is that FTL fills an entire trailer with your freight and charge for the whole truck capacity. While LTL has multiple shipments combined in one trailer, LTL is charged only the space your freight uses in the trailer.
  • Calculation principle for LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) is as follows.
    1. Convert the cargo volume (CBM) into G.W. (Kg.)
    The standard calculation of truck transportation is to convert 1 CBM into 167 Kg.
    2. Compare the value with the total weight (G.W.) and choose the greater value for calculating fares.
  • The calculation principle for FTL (Full Truckload) is as follows.
    1. Assess the location of the origin and destination
    2. Calculate the freight charges per container according to the delivery distance including customs clearance activities.
    These do not include the other additional costs during delivery and actual expenses according to the invoice


Yamato Unyu warehouses are located in Ladkrabang and Bangna with an approximate area of over 5,300 square meters, both have essential amenities including temperature control systems, humidity control systems, and excellent security systems.

Warehouse Services

  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Value-Added Services (VAS) :
    • Inventory management service
    • E-commerce warehouse service
    • Pick & pack service
    • Fulfillment service
    • Labeling service
    • Shipping mark service
    • Dedicated storage area for certain products like supplements and foods
    • Tax invoice and receipt issuance service at the warehouse
    • Value-Added Service (VAS)
  • Free Trade Zone warehouse (FTZ) service
  • Short term storage & Temporary warehousing
  • Long term storage & warehousing
  • Temperature controlled warehouse for food & beverage, medicine, vitamin and supplements
  • Free Trade Zone warehouse in Thailand by our partner

How much does a warehousing service cost?

  • The warehousing service cost is calculated based on the work process, product types and packaging types.

Prohibited Items

  • Chemicals
  • Weapons
  • Illegal items
  • Dangerous Goods

Warehouse Transport Service and Delivery Area
Our warehouse service offers Door to Door service all around Thailand.

The Industries of Our Clients
From Japanese ventures in Thailand, trading business, retail business, to E-Commerce business


Which routes do Yamato Unyu provide Air Freight services?

  • Yamato Unyu (Thailand) has a total of 142 distribution centers across the globe in America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. All centers fully focus on collaborating with us to carry out the logistics smoothly and successfully.

Types of Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s Global Air Freight service

  • Door-to-Door
  • Airport-to-Airport
  • Oversize and Project Cargo
  • Air Express
  • Air Charter
  • Transit
  • Air Freight Forwarder
  • Customs Clearance
  • Temperature Controlled Transportation

International Hand Carry Service

  • Yamato Unyu (Thailand) provide hand carry service via passenger aircraft with delivery by a dedicated expert.

Duration of Air Freight Process: Shipping standard cargo via passenger aircraft and oversize cargo via cargo aircraft

  • Direct flight: 1-2 days (Worldwide only with Yamato branch)
  • Transit/Transfer flight: 2-7 days

Air Freight Conditions

  • Eligible sizes for air freight
  1. Passenger Aircraft
    Maximum dimension per package: 230 cm width * 300 cm length * 160 cm height
  2. Cargo Aircraft
    Maximum dimension per package: 240 cm width * 300 cm length * 240 cm height

** Oversize: Depending on the placement and the airline policy
The maximum weight depends on the airline’s policy.
The packing method may depend on the size and weight of the parcel. We will provide the suitable packaging method and pack it with the Japanese standard.

  • Prohibited Goods: Drugs and illegal items


Our container shipping services

  • Freight shipping with NVOCC saves your costs and time of transportation. We provide FCL-LCL service, full or partial vessel charters, dry and liquid bulk-transportations, customs clearance and Liner Tracking System.

How long does a cargo shipment take to each continent ?

  • Usually a cargo takes 1-2 weeks for shipping in Asia, America (4-8 weeks), Africa (3-6 weeks) and Australia (3-5 weeks).
    Note: The custom clearance takes another 3-5 days.

Prohibited and Danger Goods

  • Illegal drugs and Illegal items
  • Dangerous Goods can be shipped under terms and conditions of carriers.

Documents required for transporting Dangerous Goods

  • MSDS, DG class, Packing group, UN no.
  • Goods details: Quantity and weights

Additional services

  • We provide Door-to-Door and Port-to-Port services from origin to destination with full service to reduce number of documents, procedures and workloads during transportation.

Liner Tracking - Track and Trace Cargo Shipments using either Container number or Booking number


Our transportation service in Thailand 

  1. Door-to-Door service
  2. Charter service
  3. Consolidation service
  4. Milk-Run service
  5. Intermodal transport & Multimodal transport
  6. Refrigerated Truck for Chilled & Frozen Delivery in Thailand (Our trucks provide temperature controlled between 0ºC and 25ºC for chilled and frozen cargoes.)

Parcel Delivery Period in Thailand

  • Transportation takes 1-3 days to deliver in Thailand.
    To book our truck delivery, please inform earlier according to the chosen truck.
  • 4-wheel truck: 1 day notice in advance
  • 6-wheel truck: 1-2 day notice in advance

Prohibited goods

  • Chemicals
  • Illegal items according to Thai Customs Regulations
  • Dangerous Goods (DG)

How does the transport cost calculate?

  • The fee for the domestic transportation service is calculated from the weight and the size of the parcel, including the distance and also the vehicle type. You can contact Yamato Unyu (Thailand) for more information.


Yamato Unyu (Thailand) provides packing services for every type of transportation by a team of packing and logistics experts under the Japanese standard. We are well equipped with various materials for packing services, such as cardboard boxes, wooden crates, and wooden pallets that help strengthen and protect the products from damage during transportation.

Types of Yamato Unyu (Thailand)’s Packing Services 

  1. Packing for domestic transportation
  2. Packing for international transportation

How long does it take for packaging cargoes?

  • Yamato Unyu (Thailand) provides packing services at your convenient date and time. The duration depends on the number of projects and products as well as the difficulty level of the packing. We will send off our staff to evaluate in advance.
  • General Packing : 3 days in advance
  • Special Packing : 1-2 weeks in advance (Due to the equipment preparation)

Prohibited Items

  • Dangerous chemicals, such as volatile substances and inflammable materials
  • Uninsured high-valued objects

Size and quantity limits for packaging cargoes and crating

  • No limit to the product size eligible for packing services.
  • For special size or characteristics, we will design and customize a wooden crate to fit the product, and pay close attention to the environments around the packing area alongside the safety.

Cost for packaging cargoes and crating

  • The fee is calculated from the volume of products and the equipment for packing. For more information, please contact us.


What is Freight Collect and who is responsible for shipment payment?

  • All charges are paid by consignee/buyer.

Ex Works Incoterms (EXW)

  • Shipper/Seller prepares goods at agreed place of business (factory, offices and warehouse). The buyer/consignee is responsible for all charges from seller's place.

Free On Board Incoterms (FOB)

  • The seller delivers goods onto the vessel at the port of shipment. The seller clears the goods for export.

Free Carrier Incoterms (FCA)

  • The seller delivers goods and clears for export at the place. The buyer takes risks and costs of loss or damage to the goods from the point onwards.

What is Freight Prepaid and who is responsible for shipment payment?

  • Shipper pays for delivery.

Cost Insurance And Freight Incoterms (CIF)

  • The seller delivers goods onto the vessel and pays between freight costs of goods and the port of destination. After the goods arrive at the port of destination, the risks transfer to the buyer to take cost afterwards from the seller.

Carriage And Insurance Paid To Incoterms (CIP)

  • The seller delivers goods to the carrier or the place and pays the carriage costs. The risks transfer to buyer upon delivering goods to the carrier at the place of shipment.

Delivered Duty Paid Incoterms (DDP)

  • The seller is responsible for goods delivery to the destination and costs for export and import clearance, fees, duties and taxes, but not obligated to insure the goods for pre-carriage.
  • The buyer takes risk and costs after the goods are unloaded at the destination.
  • Note: FREE HOUSE DELIVERY (All charges are paid by shipper/seller, Duty & Tax paid by shipper)

Delivered Duty Unpaid Incoterms (DDU)

  • The seller is responsible for goods delivery to destination and costs of transportation fee and import clearance. The buyer takes costs for import duties.
  • Note: FREE HOUSE DELIVERY (All charges are paid by shipper/seller, Duty & Tax paid by consignee)

Delivered At Place Incoterms (DAP)

  • The seller is responsible for all payment of duties, taxes & customs fees. This term will be void if the seller does not hold the import license.
  • Note: FREE HOUSE DELIVERY (All charges are paid by shipper/seller, Duty & Tax paid by consignee)