“Road Safety Classroom for Kids”

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Since 1998, Yamato has implemented “Road Safety Classroom for Kids” in each region throughout the country, and there have been over 3,000,000 participants.

Yamato Unyu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand; Managing Director: Mr. Kunihiko Tsukigata; hereinafter called “Thai Yamato”) and SCG Yamato Express Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand; Managing Director: Mr. Ronnakorn Riamsri; hereinafter called “SCG Yamato Express”), the affiliated companies of Yamato Holdings, have cooperated with Thai Yazaki Network Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of Yazaki Energy System Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand; President: Mr. Takayuki Ichikawa; hereinafter called “Thai Yazaki Network Service”), and Sanshiro Academy (Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand; President: Mr.Arthakarn Trissanarungsee; hereinafter called “Sanshiro Academy”) in holding “Road Safety Classroom for Kids” at 10 elementary schools in Bangkok.

1. Background of Holding “Road Safety Classroom for Kids”
Yamato Group, who operates its business using public roads, has a motto: “Safety First, Business Second”, and adopted its corporate philosophy: “Regard human life with the utmost respect and endeavor to achieve safety.” which has been the basis of Yamato’s management. Especially, Yamato has recognized that the prevention of road accident for kids is one of the important themes. Since 1998, Yamato has implemented “Road Safety Classroom for Kids” to convey the knowledge about traffic rules and road safety for kids in each region throughout the country, and there have been over 3,000,000 participants. In addition, this activity has been held not only in Japan, but in overseas countries, for example, Shanghai, China and Malaysia, etc. at local elementary schools or Japanese schools.

Yazaki Group has been working on the safety of the transportation industry for over half a century since its first production and sale of tachographs in Japan in 1960, through the services such as digital tachographs and drive recorders, etc., especially the business policy: “Protect Kids from Traffic Accidents” that both companies agree on.

In Thailand, the number of fatalities on the road is 36.2 per 100,000 people, the second highest in the world*, particularly during the Thai New Year or Songkran (11-16 April), the traffic accidents sharply increase every year. According to Ministry of Interior of Thailand, there are 3,068 accidents this year. Under these circumstances, as a way to reduce the number of accidents and raise the awareness of traffic safety, the four companies, namely Thai Yamato, SCG Yamato Express, Thai Yazaki Network Service and Sanshiro Academy have cooperated with the Thai government, Ministry of Education and the police in holding the “Road Safety Classroom for Kids”.

2. Details

  1. Period : 8-24 July
  2. Target School : 10 elementary schools in Bangkok
  3. No. of Participants : 860 Participants
  4. Contents: [We] use a pickup and delivery truck to make use of the real experience of safe driving, and have a content that [children] can see, touch and feel about traffic safety by themselves. [We] teach the children how to get on and off vehicles safely, and let them ride on the pickup and delivery truck and see the views and blind spots from the driver’s seat, and how to cross pedestrian crossing, etc.
  5. Roles of the Four Companies

Thai Yamato and SCG Yamato Express: Providing know-hows for holding “Safety Classroom for Kids”.

Thai Yazaki Network Service: Planning holding “Safety Classroom for Kids”

Sanshiro Academy: Proposing the holding of “Safety Classroom for Kids” to the Thai authority.

Besides, the four companies have cooperated in management on the activity days.

3. Opening Ceremony

On 8 July, the opening ceremony of the first Safety Classroom was held at Phayathai School, and Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong, former deputy prime minister, also attended.

From left,
1. Mr. Ronnakorn Riamsri (Managing Director of SCG Yamato Express)
2. Mr. Somsak Techakasem (Chairman of Panya Worapinyo Foundation)
3. Mr. Surasak Insrikrai (Director of General Administration Bureau, Ministry of Education)
4. Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong (former Deputy Prime Minister, currently Senator)
5. Mr. Arthakarn Trissanarungsee (President of Sanshiro Academy)
6. Ms. Rattana Trissanarungsee (Deputy Managing Director of Sanshiro Academy)
7. Mr. Takayuki Ichikawa (President of Thai Yazaki Network Service)
8. Mr. Kunihiko Tsukigata (Managing Director of Thai Yamato)